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10 Household Must Haves-helping out the workin' moms

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

My husband and I have been getting our house ready to sell so I have been cleaning, cleaning out, packing things we don't use everyday and getting rid of everything we won't be bringing with us. Since I have sworn to be a cleaner and more productive human as soon as we get in the new house, I have really been thinking about what I will keep around and what my "must-haves" are. I want to find products, cleaning supplies and anything else that will help a working mom have an easier time keeping a clean home for her family!

  • Alexa - One of my favorite things to do is put my favorite podcast on, pour a cup of coffee and conquer the world! I seriously cannot live without my podcasts and when I am home alone I crank it up and do a little cleaning. Tripp loves it too! You know we have listened to Baby Shark on volume 10.

  • Rumba- This guy saves me! It is so hard to keep up with all the dirt and hair that gets tracked through the house on the daily! I sweep all the time, but I couldn't survive without my Rumba!

  • Blue-ray- One of the things my husband and I did this year was get rid of our cable and switch over to a blue-ray player with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. We love it and it saves money on our cable bill. We get to watch what we want when we want. It made more sense to us because we work crazy hours.

  • Dyson- All I can say is, I use my Dyson every. single. day. Also, If you have pets, it works PERFECT on pet hair! Corners, suede, small places, all the things!

  • Diffuser- I decided to stop burning wax in my home last year and started diffusing essential oils. There are so many different blends pre made now. You can fill your home with a stress-free blend, clean air blend and even a happy blend. I love mixing them up and experimenting!

  • Light Ring- I had originally bought this just to go live on Facebook, but I now use it so much I am getting another one. It is great to film videos, take pictures, put on makeup, pluck your brows and even brighten up a room for office work or kids homework.

  • Sleep Spray- I know everyone knows how skeptical I am of just about everything. I ordered this sleep spray because the price was so good that it wasn't going to bother me if I just threw it away. I have so much going on in my head it is really hard for me to get to sleep and stay asleep sometimes and I was ready to try any all natural solution I could get my hands on! YALL! Ever since I have started using this spray, I sleep so good! I love it! It may not work on everyone, but the financial risk is small and it smells so good you can always just use it as a room spray!

  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper- I linked the lavender mattress topper because I love lavender, but they have some that are not lavender if you are allergic to it or don't like the smell. Just click the link and you can go in to the other ones. I love my mattress and don't want to get a new one, but I love a memory foam mattress topper! It keeps me from having to deal with a lot of back pain and lavender aids in a good nights sleep!

  • Vacuum Sealer- We bought my husband and I a food saver a few years ago because he is the chef in our family and he uses it all the time. We have not had any problems with it. He has sealed everything possible! It comes in handy when we go down to south Louisiana and bring home a bunch of meat. He seals it, puts it in the freezer and pulls it out when he is cooking a big family dinner. It is also a really good way to meal prep for a long period of time. Spend all day meal prepping, seal a bunch of it, put some in the fridge also and you don't have to meal prep again for a while!

  • Shower Mirror - Another WIN for the hubs! He was so excited when he found this mirror. I swear it works. He uses it almost every day and it hangs in our shower!

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