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A Quick Overhaul

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I have a skin care regimen that I follow, but sometimes I get busy and cant keep myself on schedule. As a new mom and a business owner, sometimes I just need an hour or two to get back on track and find my "glow" again. #1  Take a bath - throw some essential oils in your water, grab a book, a glass of wine, grab a fancy bath bomb from lush, get someone to watch your kid, and shut the bathroom door! #2  Get a good face mask - a good clay mask, charcoal mask, or the black peel off mask. I alternate between them so my skin doesn't become immune to one certain mask.  #3  Body scrub - Scrub off the old and feel like a new person. Get a hard abrasive scrub. They aren't good for you to use frequently, but once a week or twice a month is good for your pores. I use my scrub from my neck down to my toes and when i'm done I feel like  a new born baby. 

#4  Teeth Whitener - My favorite is the crest sensitive  3D white strips. I used them 3 times a week until I reached the level I wanted. After that, I only use them once a month.  #5  Shave that stubble! (or for some of us, gorilla hair) -  When I am doing a refresher, I shave from my head to my toe. I get my uni-brow, my mustache, arms, legs, hands, feet, this weird hair next to my belly button ring, and even my toes. Don't forget your hoo-ha!  It makes me feel sooooooo much better!  #6  Hair Care - We all know it's been a few days since you washed your hair, so shampoo twice, then mix your conditioner with coconut oil and let that sit for a few hours or over night if you arn't going anywhere.  #7  Wash off the ick - Now that you have, scrubbed, shaved, and soak in the old, jump in the hot shower and get clean!! #8  Facial Regimen - I try to do this every night, but like I said, sometimes I get busy. I clean the rest of the dirt off my face with a really strong toner. Then I apply an eye cream over, and under my whole eye, and around my mouth and my laugh lines. Yes, eye cream around my mouth. It's just as effective. If it can save your eye wrinkles it can save your mouth wrinkles.  #9  Last but not least, the holy grail of all products, COCONUT OIL!! - This is good for skin problems, hair problems, sex, cooking, cleaning, it really is the best thing since sliced bread. Before I go to sleep, I put this on my whole body, and If I need a good hair mask, I coat my hair in it.  #10  Lagniappe - For a little something extra, I like to use my body spray from Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret. It just helps put the refreshing icing on the cake. Almost reinforces the tropical spa fantasy I just envisioned and makes me feel like the queen of England when I am finished!!

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