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A spa day at Salon Rouge Spa!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Sometimes we just need a day at the spa and there is NOTHING wrong with that! Being a working mom, I would do small things for myself but never anything big and I never would send a chunk of money on myself either.

I work so hard all the time, I am exhausted and I give myself no breaks. At Salon Rouge Spa, we have women and men coming in all day treating themselves and I love that they take the time. Not only do you NEED it, but you DESERVE it!

How can you be a good spouse, parent or even be good at your job if you are worn down? You have got to take time and recharge and if you have a kid like mine, I know, you hardly get a moment to yourself.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who is extremely supportive when it comes to our son. I do get a bubble bath whenever I want and I try to go run 3 or 4 times a week. HOWEVER... a day to yourself to re charge is needed. Not just by women, but men also!

MEN, (good men hah!) You work hard for your families and I hate the stigma that hangs around men going to a spa. You deserve to be pampered too. Not just her. It's also nice to go together. Having a quite and relaxing day with your significant other can be beneficial to not only you, personally, but your marriage and intimacy as well.

I want to give y'all the inside scoop on my very first spa day spent at Salon Rouge Spa. I cannot tell the SRS Team how much I enjoyed my day. We had so much fun. Everyone is very skilled in what they do an I am blessed to have them here!

I started my day out with a pedicure. (Since this video, we have started offering pedicures at the spa again!) I hardly ever get them and I almost didn't but decided to at the last minute and it was the perfect start. I had my water and coffee and I chose the Spa Pedi. You get a wax, mask, scrub, massage and all the clean up.

Then I moved on to a relaxing 2 hour massage. We did an hour full body, with lots of work on my neck and shoulders, because those are my problem areas, and an hour of reflexology on my feet because I am constantly standing. Reflexology is something everyone can benefit from. Who know you could control so much of your body through pressure points in your feet? I always learn a lot from Helen.

After the massage we treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at Kitt's Kornbread. The perfect lunch for the perfect day! I love my team and we love our clients so I also decided to make it a girls day.

When we got back from lunch I started my ageless beauty session. See, I am turning 30 and that Is how this all came about. My son is 3 and i have neglected myself long enough and it was time for me to re focus on a healthier happier me in every aspect.

Our Ageless Beauty Spa is all about promoting positivity in how women see themselves. You can have work done and look natural all at the same time. Just because you are getting older doesn't mean you cannot age gracefully. We are here to help!

For my day, I chose one of the larger packages : Hydraplane with Micro-needling, PDO Threads, Botox and Juvederm.

A Hydraplane combines a Hydrafacial with Dermanplaning. This is one of my favorite services. It is very reaxing and benefiicial to your skin. It cleans the surface, deep cleans your pores, extracts, tones and hydrates. It will also help with uneven skin tones, scaring and fine lines.

Micro-needling has the same benefits, but is a little more invasive, with better results. When you pair the 3 together, the results are unbeatable and last longer. I get asked all the time if the micro-needling hurts, but Julie has great numbing cream and you can choose your setting so it is more tolerable for you. To me, I can set mine a little higher, but it really just feels like shes dragging Velcro across my face! hahaha!

I'm pretty sure I am addicted to Botox and Juvederm. (Not really) But damn the results are amazing!

One thing you need to know about any of that stuff is, the people who look like big fake clowns ask to look like that. If you want to look natural all you have to do is tell your nurse, or go find a nurse who is known for more natural work.

I get Juvederm in my lips and Botox in my forehead. The good thing about getting it done this early in my life is, it's preventative. Getting it now will prevent me from having to get so much later.

I get asked the difference between them all the time. Juvederm fills up the wrinkle bringing it back to life and Botox paralyzes it to keep if from sagging and becoming worse.

This particular time, Julie talked me in to getting PDO Threads in my upper lip instead of getting so much Juvederm. I was so nervous but I am very glad I listened to her. It was around the same price and lasts just as long, but for what I was wanting, gave a more natural appearance. She went in the lining of my top lip and turned it up just enough. It was perfect and I am in love with them!!!

If you have any questions or want to schedule a spa day or any procedure, give us a call or text! 9039305060

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