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Birthday Resolutions

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Terri Holmes, Cherry Bomb Boutique and I headed over to Lonesome Dove Drive Thru Safari for a photoshoot!

This year I turned 30 and decided to start a trend of "Birthday Resolutions" instead of waiting until New Years. I will take all the lessons I learn from birthday to birthday and grow wiser from them the next year.

The battles we face, hills we climb and decisions we make, no matter how right or wrong, mold us into the beautiful and imperfect humans we are today.

Here is a list of what I learned last year....

  • I learned it is OK not to have that special "friend group" you share everything with. Some people just weren't designed to be surrounded by a flock of people all the time.

  • I learned it is OK if I rarely get invited and it's OK to say no when I want to stay home with my family. Not everyone has that same friend group they call and talk to and hang out with every day. Some people only have a few friends from different groups. THAT IS OK. If you would rather snuggle up in bed with your significant other/kids/alone and binge watch House of Cards with a plate full of crab legs from 5D Steakhouse instead of going out to the bar, GET IT GIRL!

  • I learned I am not going to please everyone all the time and I am currently learning how to be OK with it.

  • Being who YOU are is a beautiful thing. I have struggled so much with what other people think and it has significantly held me back. I am learning to let go and let GOD.

  • I have realized it is very hard to trust people no matter how bad you want to. Choose wisely because people will surprise you.

  • I learned it's OK to ugly cry in my car and then motivate the hell out of myself to keep going... You don't need anyone else to tell you how amazing you are. YOU ARE AMAZING!

  • I learned it is not just petty high school girls that get off on bullying. Grown women do also. You have to understand, those doing the bullying are miserable people and it has NOTHING to do with you. YOU are just a convenient deflection. Don't let them drag you down.

  • After several health issues and a very bad accident, I learned to listen to my body. Our bodies will tell us when something is wrong and I ignored mine for a long time, but will never let it get that bad again.

  • I learned I cannot save the world and I also gained a full understanding of the quote, "No good dead goes unpunished."

I didn't just learn from mistakes this year, I also made new, real friends and started new business ventures. None of it would have been possible without coming to terms with my mistakes and learning to be comfortable in my own skin.

Photo shoot for one of my favorite boutiques! Pictures done by photographer Lacy Phillips.

We have to embrace who we are or we are only holding ourselves back. You are strong, powerful, beautiful and it took me a very long time to be able to empower myself, but here I am!

Last year I dropped the ball on so many levels and learned some outstanding lessons. I made mistakes and let the negative consume me. At times I felt I was at my worst, but this year I am going to do better. It has all been a wonderful blessing, good or bad, and I am so thankful for the adventure!

My goal is to be a problem solver, productive business woman, better mother, wife, entrepreneur and be a more positive, understanding and healthy woman.

I have had some experiences in this short little life of mine. I am learning how to be a business owner, stand up for my self and value myself. I have been bullied, cheated on, had my heart broken, divorced, robbed, held at gun point, electrocuted, just now learning how to really do makeup, used to teach dance, write, act, play 5 different instruments, made enough mistakes to offer no judgement and I hope I can offer some inspiration to someone out there who may feel like they are going through it all alone also.

I hope the stories in my blog provide people from all walks of life a non-judgmental place to go for inspiration to be a better person inside and out and generally somewhere you can turn to when you just aren't feeling very good about yourself. 

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