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Girlfriend Weekend

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When you hear the words "Girlfriend Weekend" you think a weekend getaway with all your best girl friends. You think about all the shenanigans you will get into because, let's face it, when you are with girlfriends you become invincible and wouldn't even think twice if they needed you to be an accessory to a wild hair!

Brooklynn and Helaina performing "All That Jazz" at Girlfriend Weekend during the Gilded Age!

In the "real world" with your "adult friends" you have to hold yourself to a certain set of rules than you did growing up. You have to sit up straight, dot your t's and cross your i's, you know, adult. (Yes, I said that right. You know I am not the only one reading this who only hopes they are getting half their sh*t right with chronic mom brain!)

But when it's girlfriend weekend, the suit comes off, the sequins come out and inhibitions go flying though the air. You feel like you are invincible again with the whole world at your feet and your girl group at your side.

Put on your favorite eye shadow, most flattering outfit, tease your hair so big it gets caught in the car door and it doesn't even matter if all you are doing is riding down a back road until you end up at IHOP at midnight, you are making memories and having the time of your life.

I am going to assume you don't get many of these anymore. #adulting

I know I don't. I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world and my husband is the bestest friend I have ever had, but it is nice to hang out with people who understand the importance of fiber mascara and having four different shades of hot pink lipstick.

When I hear the the words "Girlfriend Weekend" I think of that young lady with her two childhood besties (cousins) laying in the driveway of Rich Acres at 3am in the morning watching a meteor shower, with butterflies in her stomach, anxiously awaiting Good Morning America to get set up and call her in for filming.

Cousins Brooklynn LaFleur, Helaina Wilkerson, Madeleine Patrick with the Pulpwood Queen herslef, Kathy L Murphy, cousin of Brooke and Mom of Helaina and Maddie

I think of waking up early in the morning to the house dark, still and quiet, finding my Aunt Kathy in her chair, black coffee in hand, indulging in her latest book club best-seller.

When I hear those words, I am back with my mom and my aunt sitting in the only hair salon and book store combo in the whole world, watching them do hair and makeup, picking out their next book to read, listening to them laugh and thinking, this is exactly what I want to do with my life.

I want to be just like them. That is the life I envisioned for myself. That is what sets my soul on fire and that is what I think of when I think of Girlfriend Weekend.

Right now, it is early in the morning, the house is dark, quiet and peaceful and with a cup of black coffee helping me wake up, I am writing. It is the most peaceful feeling in the world.

A fun group dressed to the nines at Girlfriend Weekend

What if I told you there was a weekend.... one weekend a year where all of the things I have previously mentioned collide together in a place full of life, love, laughter and leopard print. Where you can be whomever you want to be and the possibilities are endless!

A weekend full of fantasy and story telling surrounded by all your favorite authors. A weekend where you can get together with someone just like you, only they wrote your favorite book and you get to hear first hand the story behind it, and then hang out with them for 3 days!

This weekend is known as, Pulpwood Queens Book Club Girlfriend Weekend! You too can reminisce about the good old days and still, no matter how old you are, feel like the world is full of endless possibilities patiently awaiting your arrival. If you have never been you are surely missing out!

You can read all about it at

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