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My Top Mom Must-Haves!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

#1  Breast feeding dresses - coming home from the hospital, your vag hurts, you just popped out a kid, you are learning or re-learning how t breast feed. With the dresses, you don't have to wear a bra, or panties, they are comfy, and the perfect clothing option for maternity leave.

#2  Boppy -  We called him Bob. I highly recommend getting the boppy as well as the boppy lounger. Everyone will thank you, especially your arms! It is great for tummy time, breast feeding, bottle feeding, and propping them up in front of the TV!

#3  Boppy Lounger - We called him Big Bob. It basically works the same as the boppy, except instead of a hole in the middle, it has a place for them to lay down. At one point, Tripp would sleep in between my fiance and I in Big Bob. We could't roll over on top of him and we both felt comfortable having him in between us. After he was able to hold his own bottle, we would lay him in it in front of the TV while he ate his bottle. 

#4  To Go Formula - Y'all, God bless the human being who invented this. It is definitely made for the business mom, or the mom on the go! It comes in many different formulas and is already bottled up with nipples that you can attach. You don't have to refrigerate them so you don't have to worry about heating them up. They last for months too! 

#5  Snaps, Not Buttons and Definitely Zippers - Ladies, pay attention to all these cute clothes you buy your baby. You will thank yourself later if you get something with snaps, not buttons. Buttons are the devil. You will REALLY thank yourself if you buy clothes with zippers on them. Tripp never wore a lot of cute clothes because I learned this lesson a little too late.

#6  Dr Brown's bottles - These bottles are wonderful! They were designed to prevent your baby from sucking up a bunch of air, therefore, preventing a lot of gas!

#7  Nipple Cream and Nipple Pads - If you are breast feeding, you will need nipple pads because when you get out of the shower, you will spew all over the damn house. Especially if you have a heavy let down like I did. Also, if you have a hungry baby like Tripp, you are going to need some nipple cream about three times a day. 

#8  Diaper Genie - There are a lot of mixed feelings about the Diaper Genie. I'm not sure why. I absolutely love mine and would not know what I would do without it. Tripp will be one in about two weeks and I have used it every day since we brought him home. If you throw the diapers in the trash, the smell is atrocious. When the Diaper Genie smells bad, I just wiped down the inside with bleach, Awesome, and Method Anti-Bac from Target. Good as new, till next time!

#9  Car Seat Cover - These are definitely a necessity. You can have them made just for you and your baby! My father's name is Bruce Wayne, so we have Batman everything. Our car seat cover was black minky underneath, Batman on top, and we had Tripp in red between the handle straps. It was really convenient when he fell asleep in the car and we had to get out and go somewhere.. Just drape it over him and let him sleep. **CAUTION: make sure not to completely cover him, leave a crack or he may be at risk to suffocate. I usually just closed it enough to cover the light around his eyes. ** Now that we have moved to a big boy car seat, I took it off the old one, snapped it all the way up, and now it's the blanket I keep in my car for if he gets cold!

#10  Roomba Robot Vacuum - Look, I know they are expensive, but if you are able to afford one, they are the best baby sitter!! I swear, unless your child is afraid off vacuums, then  this is a no-go. If I need to get some writing or cleaning done and Tripp is being extra clingy, I just turn the Roomba on and he is entertained for hours! 

#11  Anything with Wheels - I cannot vouch for girl moms, but boy mom, one thing you need to put on your registry or start getting for when he can sit up and play, is anything with wheels. Dumb trucks, tractors, cars, anything. Tripp doesn't even care to roll them around. He would rather just flip them so their wheels stick in the air and he can spin them around. It is the funniest thing!

#12  Essential Oils - I know some of you are skeptics, but at night, if they can't breathe or the are crying, essential oils can save you. If you live in a cabin like we do, the oils can keep the scary bugs out of your child's room too.. I will post an oil list on my blog for y'all to see the different uses for each oil. We really love it because my son has a heart attack every time I come at him with the nose sucker, so I just get two or three different oils and rub on his chest. It really helps release his congestion.. 

#13  Noise Maker - I am telling y'all right now, GET A NOISE MAKER!! Someone got one for Tripp and I hadn't even thought about it\. I keep it by his crib and during his naps and at night when II put him down, It helps keep him from waking up with the neighbor stats mowing, the stupid dogs start barking, or someone decides to drive by on their Kabota.

#14  Bassinet - Because it is so dangerous to let your new born baby sleep with you, you need a bassinet to put beside your bed. Now, they make the ones that fit perfectly on the side of your bed. Some parents are comfortable with putting their new born in it's own room, I was not. For a few weeks I was even too afraid to close my eyes because I thought my son would die. After I was comfortable to actually get some sleep, I loved having him beside me in his bassinet. 

#15  Baby Monitor with a Video Screen - I never realized how thankful I was for our video screen baby monitor util I had to use the one my mom has at her house. All I could do was hear him and that didn't make me feel comfortable at all. I like to be able to see what he is dong when ever he makes noises in his sleep. SIDS, of course, scares the crap out of me. 

#16  Rock and Play - Before he was able to sit up by himself, I would put him in his rock and play while I made me something to eat. This was especially helpful when I was still on maternity leave. Whenever I needed to put him down, or when he needed to take a nap, I would put him in it, turn the rocker on and let it play music. 

#17  Jumper  - When he grew out of his rock and play, we got him a jumper or excer-saucer.  As moms, we love them because not only do you get to put your kid down, but it also keeps them entertained for a long time, even longer if you turn toons on and put it in front of the TV!

#18  Walker - Then, when they get even older, get them a walker. They can follow you around and entertain themselves. If you find one with a big tray, it keeps them from getting into stuff because they cant reach that far. 

#19  Teething Wafers - They arn't just for teething. They make for great emergency snacks anywhere you go. They come in different flavors, which is confusing because they all taste like Styrofoam. Either way, kids love them! If you are in the car with a kid who isn't old enough to actually feed itself, but is crying for food, you can just hand them one of these and its a good quick fix!!

#20  Jogging Stroller -  This is for the mom who works out, or travels a lot. On Mondays, when I go jogging, I bring Tripp in our jogging stroller and it doesn't matter where we go, town, lake, or when we are tourists on vacation, this stroller can handle any terrain. It can also fit your diaper bag, purse, and a few shopping bags too. We purchased a click connect. Our infant car seat clicked right into it until he was old enough to sit up by himself. 

#21  Lovees - Lord help us all!!! If your baby is anything like Tripp, you better get a lovee for every bed, every car, and every play area, then two to keep in the closet just in case! It is so sweet to see them with their lovees. Makes my heart so full!

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