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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Each Monday morning we go Facebook Live inside LaFleur Couture Wellness Boutique talking about different health issues, products, and benefits of the products.

We are doing the research for you and connecting you with the proper clean and safe products to help change your life.

In this video we talk about active wear, active wear laundry detergent, and natural deodorant.

Working out and getting in shape has also been a part of my health journey. I am a business owner so time is limited and I never know exactly how my schedule is going to go from day to day. I pretty much go work out the second I get a chance even if I have to squeeze it in between my clients.

This required me to already be dressed and ready to run out the door (literally). That also meant I was running my business in my workout clothes. Not ideal, but you do what you have to do around here.

I decided to clean out my workout clothes drawer and replace everything with good quality and cute clothes I could look presentable in but also be ready to exercise at any moment.

This lead me to a great high-end company called Zyia. They are neck and neck with Lululemon for a more affordable price point. The quality is top quality and the company is always coming out with new arrivals for you to choose from.

Our FAVORITE detergent company is Rockin' Green. They offer natural laundry detergents that are safe for everyone in your family, your skin, and your clothes.

We will also be talking about our FAVORITE deodorant company, HH Body Care. It is more than just your average detergent. It has other uses too!

Learn all about the company and the products in this video!

If you are having health issues, have questions about hair and makeup, or are wanting to make the change from chemical to clean, you have come to the right place.

Join our Facebook group LaFleur Couture to shop our natural product selection, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn how to change your life!

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